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Trade finance solutions delivered with our innovative state-of-the-art digital platform.

Digital Portal
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Digitized Workflows

VoloFin’s user-friendly top of line portal allows enables users to access and manage the best financing solutions.

Our supplier portal will equip you to raise funding requests against any invoice of your choice – in just a few clicks.

As a business, you can add your suppliers and buyers for quick and easy approval.

With the help of our agile system, you get full visibility into every transaction in your supply chain.

Accelerate your business with VoloFin

Why do thousands of SMEs trust VoloFin for their trade finance needs?

SMEs trust VoloFin
Fully automated self onboarding

Fully-automated self-onboarding

Industry-first blockchain platform

Industry- first comprehensive platform

Collateral free financing

Collateral free financing

Buyer risk assumed by VoloFin

 Buyer risk assumed by VoloFin

Real time in-principal approval

Real time in-principal approval

We offer a range of trade finance solutions to suit your unique needs

We started working with VoloFin in 2021, VoloFin helped us tackle our liquidity woes by funding our export receivables. This helped us expand even during the pandemic.

Engineering Goods Exporter From Chennai
Engineering Goods Exporter

As an agro commodity exporter our business is very seasonal. Our current banking lines can be insufficient for growth during this period. VoloFin helped us mitigate the working capital gap.

Chillies Exporter From Guntur
Chillies Exporter

We deal with multiple buyers from across the globe, VoloFin's intuitive portal made the task of adding buyers and sending new funding requests very easy and quick. We can now avail working capital with just a few clicks.

Garment Exporter From New Delhi
Garment Exporter

    Gain access to collateral-free working capital solution in just 48 hours

    Empowering businesses globally with our working capital solutions

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    Frequently asked questions

    Our team of experts is here to support you with the answers to all your queries. Find the answers to some common queries!

    Receivables financing or Invoice Factoring is a revolutionary non-recourse* working capital solution oriented towards any business exporting overseas and working on elongated credit period (30 – 180 days) or if your bank limits are insufficient for the growth of your business.


    VoloFin ensures a shorter working capital cycle for your business, meaning you get paid as soon as the goods are shipped and we also secure you against certain non-payment scenarios ensuring your time is spent doing what you do best and not worrying about problems commonly related to international trade like: Lack of liquidity, Non-payment or collections on due-dates.

    VoloFin provides easy access to working capital solutions and can extend a facility to you in less than 48hours thanks to our automated risk assessment. Once your limit is established you can get your invoices paid in 4 simple steps:


    • Customer submits invoice to VoloFin
    • VoloFin advances upto 90% of the invoice value within 24 hours
    • Buyer pays VoloFin on due-date
    • VoloFin settles the margin with it’s customer

    VoloFin is a platform, this allows us to extend lines of upto 5 Mil USD* by leveraging it’s investor network. This means we’re equipped to handle working capital requirements of all shapes and sizes.

    Banks have historically represented the primary source of lending for most business. However, bank limits are often insufficient for the growth of your business. This manifests itself in the form of a 109Bil USD financing gap in the Small – Medium sized industry segment. What’s more, bank limits are intrinsically linked to traditional forms of security or collateral. As a growing business, you might not want to invest in collateral further. That’s where our product fits in. Our product can either allow you to augment your current banking lines or replace them entirely while safeguarding your interests through non-recourse financing.

    Fast, flexible working capital solutions to

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    Accelerate cash flow. Free-up liquidity. Instant funding for SMEs